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My man cave :) inspired by Furious PC Gaming My man cave :) inspired by Furious PC Gaming
My awesome man cave. Led strip under the table. PC Spec: Mob: Sabertooth 990FX H60 water cooling for the CPU GPU: Asus HD 7870 CPU: AMD fx 8350 PSU: Corsair 750W 16GB Corsair vengeance 1866, Red OCZ SSD 120GB only to windows 500GB HDD for games and stuff
7 years ago
USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class
This is the full picture log of the build of the USS EURISKO!
8 years ago
"Revival" "Revival"
---AOpen HX08 Old Case Worklogs--
8 years ago
Evolution Evolution
In the middle of 2008 I decided that it was time to upgrade my dying system of 6 years so I set about looking what cases and hardware was available. Modding was something that I had heard of and fancied having a go at but never had the guts to actually get started on a serious project. After looking around the net for a few months I stumbled upon the bit-tech website and was overwhelmed by the amount of fantastic designs and builds that were being showcased on the forums, from this I got the guts and finalized the plan that I was going to build something special. The planning stage began using Google sketchup on some pre designed cases but I quickly came to the conclusion that none of the cases on offer would fit the bill for what I intended to do so the decision was made to build the case entirely from scratch. In late 2009 I completed the original design which consisted of a full tower case with 2 sections, the bottom to house hard drives, power supply and the radiators, and the top which would hold the core of the rig. This hopefully would help to aid in the heat management by keeping the warm air generated by the radiators away from the main system.
8 years ago
K2 Custom Chassis prototype K2 Custom Chassis prototype
Back in August 2012 I was invited to head over to Berlin for the campus party, as soon as I found out I knew that I needed a new case to take with me! In the end I had around 5 days to finish to go from 3D concept to full working model. While it was a massive push, in the end it was a success and K2 embarked on a mammoth journey from Bristol to Berlin via coach. For a full project log check out the blog post :)
8 years ago
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