Dual pumps. 2 x loops. Gpu loop and cpu + mosfet/nb loop (all rad will eventually go to Stackers upper mATX case) Added blocks to CHF-Z Stacker 935 test1 cablemanagment.


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Desktop Project " Silver Stash" for Finlands Summer Assemb Desktop Project " Silver Stash" for Finlands Summer Assemb
For Finlands Summer Assembly. A total Overkill. ATX is AMD full on. Trifire R290X + FX9590 oc'd. Matx will be Intel chip ? + mobo ?. Gpus AresII and MatrixGE. Rig will have 2 x 4k ready gaming machines / or upper part can do mining while I game with ATX part. I will do all my gaming with 3x1 Eyefinity unless I get sponsored for event and some company lends me a 4k-display (offc a highend). Rig aint prolly stayin like that after the Assembly BUT it will be a Double Power House for some time. Work has really started yesterday. Literally took the sidepanel and kicked the plexi ( it was a good feeling lol) in pieces. New window comin up :) And quite a bit of modding. The Chassis wont be Black! :) Lots of gpu tests + FX9590 cooling testing done with Corsair C70 Chassis. CM Enforcer is the Chassis were the Matrix GE sits (1xpic up there..) Adding a second computer once Ill figure out wich Gpu's to use in my mrs rig. Damaged but fully functional Aerocool Chassis has been my lan-chassis when looks dont matter. Only power. :) This project is different from anything Ive done earlier. Seems like it needs 2x psu's for the ATX part. 1250w pro aint enuff for R295X2 + R290X oc'd to X2's clocks. Chip's tdp is 219w and its oc'd too. Triple monitor is bout 75w.. So prolly hookin R295x2 on its own psu. Third psu will go up and I need it to be steady 750w, and Im counting that Coolermaster's Real Power 1000w will do it. 5yr warranty but 3yr old psu , is 3yr old... Sincerely: Druizza Open in gallery |
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