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Date: 2014-7-2

Desktop AMD budget build 2013


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Desktop AMD budget build

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Motherboard and CPU:
ECS A55F2-M3 and AMD A6-5400K @ 4.4GHz (max clock 4.7GHz)
4GB Transcend 1600MHz
Hard drive:
160GB Segate @ 7200RPM with Segate 500GB @ 5400RPM 2.5" external HDD
AMD Radeon HD7540D
Case and power supply:
Coolermaster HAF 932 AMD Edition and Corsair CX430M
Samsung B2230 22"
Windows 8.1 x64
CM Storm Quickfire Rapid, Logitech MX518, Some Hama headset
This system I made by myself, and I worked the whole summer just so I can build it. I'm not a rich guy, and I can't have some fancy rig that blows people's minds. I have this, and I'm happy with it. Hope you'll like my setup. :)

Laptop specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 N950
4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
500GB Hitachi HDD @ 5400RPM
AMD Radeon HD6650M

I'm going to do some modding in the near future. First of all is the black interior, changing the plexi for glass, getting some better fans (don't look at the non-spinning fan, I don't have any PWM to Molex adapters, and I'm too lazy to take it out xD), some fan controller and that's it for modding. For the PC, the SSD is soon here, some GPU and I'm good. I'm not a freak for performance, I just need my PC to work fine, not perfect. I run BF3 @ 20fps right now, so... :D
All in all, I hope you like my setup, thanks again for reading. :)

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