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There are a few new additions that are fun to master

The solo challenges in the previous games have been replaced with Ultimate Team. However, they operate in the same way, with each player plays against the computer. Like last year's game, a lot of players ratings have changed and putting together a team can be enjoyable and functions a lot like a management simulation, which requires players to differentiate crucial information from the irrelevant. While this might not be an enjoyable game for many players, it requires a lot strategy and is complex and has a lot of customisation.

In the case of EA's insistance on incorporating an extremely written story mode featuring thinly written narratives into their games for sports Madden's story mode could be the most sloppy of all. In a game which allows the player to make choices that affects the narrative of the game, it's that the same outcome could happen despite choosing completely diverse options, which adds to the list of things that don't make sense in the game.

The performances from the voice actors are all recorded in, and the animations of characters are disconcerting. There are even some inconsistencies in the voice acting in which characters clearly talk, but there's not any sound.

Though there is a lot of issues with some of the moves that players pull off, especially that sluggish kick meters, there are a few new additions that are fun to master. Two new moves such as the side hurl and dead leg really assist to fight the defense in a more effective way than in previous games, and it increases the variety of ways that the opponent miss. These new moves make playing more varied which is an excellent thing for the game.

The Franchise mode was totally disregarded and it's very similar to the Madden version of last year. EA has not even made an effort to alter the mode's layout. If it's a mode that has made Madden players be enthralled the game, then it's worth $60 to purchase the most recent version.

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