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Dato: 2019-2-19

Niko F Tilmeldt: apr 2018
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Lagging in GTA5 game with 1070GTX 8GBGPU??

Really wired.. in CSGO game or any games i get no lags and they are smooth but the GTA5 game is lagging and how the hell can it do? i got pc spec right here under :
I try eventhins to fix the lag with Nvdia settings or fps and much more but nothing will fix it.. any know what is the problem when my pc is so high spec and still got suck in gta5 but not suck at csgo?? wtf.
You can see in photo in gta5 it's suck at the road and it lagging while im driving.

Intel Core i5-7500 3.40Ghz

Asus B250M Motherboard + CPU LGA1151

8 DDR4 2133MHz RAM

Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB MSI


650W 80+ PSU

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