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Dato: 2019-1-8

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MapleStory 2: How to Auto Battle

I would love to view more Boss"Particular" ones added in like Pink Bean and a wider variety of creatures. Plus it's more fun to search monsters around my level to get the drops necessary to make the potions.

Accessory Crafting, I'm currently level 12. Why do we still need Gallant emblems? They're impossible to locate yet I still need them to earn maplestory2 items. Can we increase drop rates or eliminate the need for them all together and replace with a different jewel or plate?

Level 130 shoulders appear cool to attempt to create, yet I can't obtain the recipe? By doing some research it looks like these were only available as a mysterious recipe from the now defunct PVP. Since I managed to get to level 12 in my crafter, it could have been nice to automatically learn these recipes.

More earring alternatives which are tradable and will compete with the boss collection Sea earrings. I used to make half earrings to fund myself, but it seems like people prefer the boss put one. I totally know, the established effect is fine.

How about we get a opportunity to make them be in a position to do a different color? Something unique and exclusive to crafter livelihood? The same can be said for pendants, confront accy's too.

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